Book Design I

“Little Red Riding Hood”

Web Design Gallery I

Figurative artists websites

Web Design Gallery III

Puppet artists websites

Book Design V

“NIADA Art Dolls: Rich Traditions,...

Web Design Gallery II

Company websites

Sideshow Art

Digital montage

Montage Art II

Woodcut images, assembled and digitally ...

Print Work VI

Promo materials – bookmark, postca...

Book Design II

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonde...

Promo Work II

Promo materials – Packaging, match...

Pop Art

Line art illustration with 4C dot screen...

Promo Work I

Promo materials – banners, brochur...

Print Work V

Promo materials – posters, postcards

Image Editing I

Color correction, image masking, photo m...

Print Work I

Print materials – pub ads, postcar...

Web Design Gallery V

Artist websites

Web Design Gallery IV

Figurative artists websites

Print Work III

Promo materials – postcards, flyer...

Book Design III

“Cinderella, or the Little Glass S...

Print Work II

Print materials – Conference handb...

Print Work IV

Promo materials – postcards, bookm...

Book Design IV

“Martin the Mountie”

Montage Art I

Woodcut images, assembled and digitally ...


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